November 19th, 2020 Board Meeting - Gloversville Housing Authority
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November 19th, 2020 Board Meeting

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Nov 19 2020

November 19th, 2020 Board Meeting

The Gloversville Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners met in a regular session at DuBois Garden Apartments on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 6:00 PM.

Board Members Present:

  • John Poling, Chairperson
  • John Castiglione, Vice Chairperson
  • Marcia Weiss, Secretary
  • Diane Sauve, Resident Commissioner
  • Margie Pedrick, Commissioner


Others Present:

  • Heather Reynolds, Executive Director
  • Anthony Casale, Authority Legal Counsel
  • Bryan Goldberger, Authority Legal Counsel

Chairperson Poling called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. Roll call was taken memorializing the presence of the above referenced individuals.

Chairperson Poling introduced Margie Pedrick as a newly appointed Commissioner to the Board of the Gloversville Housing Authority. Mrs. Pedrick has resided here her entire life, having retired approximately three and a half years ago. Chairperson Poling looks forward to working with Commissioner Pedrick and together with the Board and tenants.

Chairperson Poling announced the resignation of Executive Director Heather Reynolds effective November 22, 2019. Chairperson Poling commended Ms. Reynolds on her service as Director of the Housing Authority, indicating that “she met the call in every way”. Chairperson Poling went on to say that he has worked with numerous organizations throughout his lifetime and that he considers Ms. Reynolds to be at “the top”.

Secretary Weiss commented that Director Reynolds will be greatly missed, and that Ms. Reynolds guided GHA through a tumultuous time.

Commissioner Sauve commented that Director Reynolds came into “a hornet’s nest” and helped bring around GHA in many ways and that she wished Director Reynolds the best.

Vice Chairperson Castiglione commented that two years ago he was hoping that the candidate for Executive Director would “knock his socks off” and indicated that Director Reynolds impressed him beyond words. He further went on to say that during the interviewing process he presented Ms. Reynolds with various hypothetical situations and he was very impressed with her though process and he believed that she would be a great find and that it was proven to be true. Vice Chairperson Castiglione further went on to say that he developed close working relationship with Director Reynolds over the years and that time and again Director Reynolds prioritized the Housing Authority over personal priorities.

Chairperson Poling agreed with all of the comments made by all of the other members and further commented that Director Reynolds guided GHA through controversial times and that she will be greatly missed and that the Housing Authority wishes her well.

Chairperson Poling having asked for a motion to adopt the minutes of the October 2019 meeting, said motion having been made by Secretary Weiss and having been seconded by Commissioner Sauve, the motion to adopt said minutes was carried unanimously. A motion having first been made allowing Commissioner Pedrick to abstain from said motion adopting said minutes, said motion allowing Commissioner Pedrick to abstain and having been unanimously carried.

Chairperson Poling having opened the floor for public comment, tenant Mia Bordis spoke regarding a letter she had received from Deb Ambrosino regarding the requirement for vendors to have insurance in place naming the Gloversville Housing Authority as an additional insured for certain events. Attorney Casale having dialogued with Ms. Bordis indicating that he will look into the matter and report back to Ms. Bordis at a later time. Chairperson Poling discussed old business indicating that Bingo is back in place now and has resumed as an activity available to tenants. Secretary Weiss indicated that based upon her experiences as a property manager she believes that a certificate of insurance was usually required. Margaret Anderson, President of the Tennant Association of Kingsboro Towers spoke indicating the need to get together with Commissioner Sauve to further the goal of obtaining a resident commissioner. Commissioner Sauve indicated that she looked forward to the opportunity to meet and it was agreed that the two would exchange emails and meet in the short future. Tenant Tom Tubbs spoke, a tenant from Kingsboro Towers. He made inquiry as to why there were not cameras on premises. He further requested that there be new chairs placed at Kingsboro Towers and lastly, Mr. Tubbs questioned why there is no ATM machine available. Secretary Weiss suggested that Mr. Tubbs take up this issue with the front office and encouraged him to meet with Ms. Ambrosino regarding the same. Tenant Patrick Dwight spoke indicating that the phone did not ring in his apartment. He indicated that he keeps being told that it is an old system and that he has put his concerns in writing. He was told that John found no problem and that Joe Battaglia is aware of the situation as well. Director Reynolds indicated that she tried to call Patrick earlier in the day. Both phone numbers were disconnected. She spoke with Mr. Battaglia who contacted A Phone. A Phone is working on finding people to service this older equipment. Commissioner Sauve indicated that whenever she goes to Director Reynolds with an issue Director Reynolds is always prompt in providing her with a response. Commissioner Sauve agreed that using proper channels is important and encouraged Patrick to work with the front office. Patrick also made inquiry regarding the status of the gazebo and Director Reynolds indicated that it was referred to the maintenance supervisor. Tenant Ms. Bruce from Kingsboro Towers spoke and indicated that when the first snow started, tenants did not know what to do with their cars, and indicated that the Mayor had told her that she has permission to park across the street.

The motion was made to go into Executive Session pursuant to Public Officers Law Section 105.1(f), said motion having been made by Secretary Weiss and having been seconded by Vice Chairperson Castiglione, the Board together with attorneys Goldberger and Casale commencing said Executive Session at 6:37 p.m.

Public Session resumed at 7:05 p.m. Chairperson Poling addressed communications from the Board and confirmed having received the aforementioned resignation letter Director Reynolds.

Chairperson Poling having opened the floor for old business and there having been no old business presented.

Director Reynolds provided the occupancy statistics of Forest Hills at 97.22%, DuBois 92.94%, Kingsboro Towers 93% for an aggregate total of 94.53% occupancy. Director Reynolds indicated that there are three apartments ready. The turnout of the Halloween party was very good. Sessions have been scheduled for DuBois Gardens and Forest Hill Towers. A truck broke down earlier in the day and has to be repaired. Sprinkler inspection has been scheduled. Keith Shoemaker has been hired as a new clerk. The bathtub was replaced at 85 Homestead Dr. The new boiler passed inspection. The office is in the process of upgrading its computer system. Profit/loss reports are being prepared by the accountant. Director Reynolds expressed thanks to GHA and to the tenants and to the community and indicated that she looks fondly upon her time with the Housing Authority.

The Finance Committee report was provided by Commissioner Poling, indicating that the checkbook reconciliation was performed by Chairperson Poling and Commissioner Sauve.

Chairperson Poling having called for new business, resolution 786 having been presented by Chairperson Castiglione, and seconded by Commissioner Sauve regarding accounts payable for October 2019, said resolution having been carried unanimously. Resolution 787 regarding bad debt write offs having been presented by Commissioner Sauve and seconded by Secretary Weiss, said resolution having been carried unanimously. Resolution 788 authorizing, condition on the finalization of settlement, the calculation of total service credit for Eric Ellithorpe with GHA for purposes of application of GHA policy only, said resolution having been presented by Secretary Weiss and having been seconded by Vice Chairperson Castiglione, said resolution having been carried unanimously. Resolution number 789 authorizing Tenant Relations Assistant to perform duties of the Executive Director of GHA on an interim basis pending completion of search for a new Executive Director, said resolution having been presented by Vice Chairperson Castiglione and having been seconded by Commissioner Sauve, Secretary Weiss having commented that as a part of the resolution the salary for Ms. Ambrosino would increase from $38,000.00 per year to $40,000.00 per year, and with there being no further comment or discussion, said resolution having been carried unanimously.

Motion having been made to go into Executive Session pursuant to Public Officers Law 105.1(f), said motion having been made by Vice Chairperson Castiglione and having been seconded by Secretary Weiss, the Board together with Attorneys Goldberger and Casale commenced Executive Session at 7:19 p.m.

Public Session having resumed at 8:14 p.m., a motion was made by Commissioner Sauve to adjourn the meeting, said motion having been seconded by Secretary Weiss, said motion having been carried unanimously and the meting having been adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

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