July 10th, 2023 - Gloversville Housing Authority
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July 10th, 2023

Board Meeting
Jul 10 2023

July 10th, 2023

The Gloversville Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners met at its monthly meeting that was held at the Forest Hill Towers, 31 Forest Street, Gloversville NY on July 10, 2023 at 6:00p.m.


Board Members Present:

  • Board Members Present:    
  • Ellen Anadio, Commissioner
  • Lashawn Hawkins, Commissioner
  • Gail Peters, Commissioner
  • Ronald Holly, Commissioner
  • Sherry Courtney, Resident Commissioner            

Others Present:

  • Anthony Casale, Authority Legal Counsel
  • Bryan Goldberger, Authority Labor Counsel
  • Jason Mazur – Executive Director tor

George Straitor spoke and stated the following: On the lockout and last fall, we were promised to have those benches painted with good paint. And the black part painted, they haven’t been done. And I realize you’re short of help,  but when people start to make comments, when they come here and see that I’ve been here 17 years and the worst I’ve ever seen. They are horrifically bad. Now if you do the floor in front of the two on the inside, we can look, we can wait about the one in the back. Because that’s what people see. That’s number one. The second is the long has been the worst I’ve ever seen in the 17 years. And we’re we’re not talking about the Basketball people. This is before them and they’re bad now.  They don’t weed wack. They seem to do a little bit and leave. And should always come back when they’re doing something emergency and doing the most so the same thing. I wish they keep doing that. That’s how we talk. Also another thing. In the front when  you come in and lobby on the right hand, you’ll see a big black container. It’s all full of used needles. Hasn’t picked them up for almost 2 years. I’ve called four times. The last time I called was in October. From last year. Four times, like other people here. All you gotta do is call the police to get rid of them….

He’s either dead or he’s been or he’s out of business and he used to come, like every month.  Like I said, he hasn’t been here for almost 2 years. That is very dangerous. When you get any kind of drug, they’re gonna start coming in. Also one more thing. On the 6th floor, the elevator  door was vandalized 7 years ago. And that hasn’t been painted yet, and it would take 5 minutes to paint it. That’s all I have right now. And I realize that you are short enough but you gotta remember, you gotta think more or less the and how this place looks and I’m sure  Kingsboro and the others too. When I first came here,  they used to write up all the places. This place was rated with a 98. Just by the country we were #1. In this country, this building. That was in 2007. Now if you rate it, it’s not a 98, it’s like

Doris Cole spoke and stated the following [largely inaudible]:  there is not supposed to be any smoking the grounds.  There is one person that goes to his car in the parking lot and throws the cigarette butts on the ground and they’re still laying there.  It seems like nobody cares.  They see him smoking there.

Joyce Esty spoke and stated the following: things have gotten so bad. Over at Kingsboro that on June 29th at 8:00 PM,. we had a drug overdose in 207. They had already administered the Narcan before they called the authorities. What is the senior doing with Narcan in her apartment? Unless you’re doing drugs. It would be no need. Then we have a gentleman and two nine that on July 6, was beating up a white woman in between the doors. She refused to press charges, but people are frightened. We have a gentleman and on the 9th floor, who screams and hollers at the tenants. And curses and screams at him and his apartment. That floor is ridiculous. He’s just absolutely ridiculous, he screams, hollers, throws things. It has gotten to be a totally unsafe. Unsafe place to be…..

I’m glad to see you. At the hospital, you’re. OK, but what should happen if something happened to him? Who is the next in command to make any decisions or anything for the authority? You have three buildings. You know, like one person that has any authority whatsoever. And why is Joe, the maintenance man, being able to see the camera when the tenants relation is right in the office and knows the tenants knows who’s the tenant who isn’t, can’t get to see it.  It’s a big one.  And not having anyone else underneath Jason in order to make any decisions. Major decisions. It’s not right. It’s not a way to run any kind of business. . You should have a VP.  I hope something changes before someone gets murdered over there.

Jill Young spoke and stated the following: Our hallway just got mopped today and it’s probably been 2-3 months. The maintenance guys usually don’t have the time, but if they do it, they won’t do anything over what they’re told to do from Joe because they don’t get paid enough and that’s what they all say. I agree with them because they haven’t had a raise in seven years the cost of living. I’m not sure, but they said they don’t get that either and that doesn’t come from –  that comes from the state. We all get it. Why can’t they? And where the money went? Yeah, the mayor’s pocket. It’s disgusting.

Kim ________ spoke and stated the following: We got aresident that lives here. We found out she has a bed bugs. Now she keeps bringing stuff that I told her she’s been bringing it  Clothing in. Furniture and other stuffed animals in that and. I tried to tell her. She can’t bring her stuff in and put it in there. That’s the way you spread it.

[from audience] is that Anna? And she’s got her two kids living there and they don’t belong there either

Kim:  803. Anna Pendleberry….I have one more thing.  The smell of pot is wicked up on the fifth floor.  It smells like a skunk.  I’d like to knock on her door and say something.

[from audience] the bathrooms are looking a little better.  The picnic tables are shot [inaudible]  the picnic tables are not worth anything.  They should throw them out.  [inaudible]

Commissioner Anadio opened the floor for old business and with there being none, the board proceeded with its agenda.

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