February 13th, 2023 - Gloversville Housing Authority
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February 13th, 2023

Board Meeting
Feb 13 2023

February 13th, 2023

The Gloversville Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners met at its monthly meeting that was held at the Gloversville Housing Authority, 141 West Street on February 13, 2023 at 6:00p.m.


Board Members Present:

  • Ellen Anadio, Commissioner
  • Lashawn Hawkins, Commissioner
  • Gail Peters, Commissioner
  • Sherry Courtney, Resident Commissioner
  • Deandra Robinson – Resident Commissioner

Others Present:

  • Anthony Casale, Authority Legal Counsel
  • Jason Mazur – Executive Director

Commissioner Anadio called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  All present stood for the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silence.

Commissioner Anadio conducted a roll call memorializing the presence of the above-named individuals.

Commissioner Anadio opened the floor for public comment. Attorney Casale asked that the audience please be sure to speak one person at a time so that all voices can be heard in preparation of the minutes.  Joyce Etsey, Kingsboro Towers, stated that she was of the understanding that tonight’s meeting would be at Kingsboro Towers and she took that board at their word but apparently that was not good enough. There was a major security issue.  She suggested that the security video be reviewed at least once per week with Jessie or someone from the building who knows the tenants.  There are a lot of stray keys out there.  There is one woman who gets her mail there and doesn’t live.  She stated that she is no longer comfortable doing puzzles in the community room at night, she used to stay up late but it’s no longer safe.  She saw someone waiting by the elevator and the person refused to give his name.  She no longer puts fliers up after 9pm because you don’t know who you are going to encounter.  And anyone you do see is covered up by a hoodie. There was an incident at 3:23 am. We are not safe there.  She stated that she may stop paying rent.

Commissioner Anadio opened the floor for announcements of Commissioners.  Commissioner Robinson spoke about several tenants having requested heat be put back in their bathrooms.  The bathroom used to be heated but the vents were taken out years ago except on the 11 floor.  She indicated that nobody has been able to explain to her why they were removed or when they will be reinstalled….

Anadio added that a motion needs to be made to rotate the location of the meetings and the motion will be made tonight

The Executive Director’s report was provided by Jason Mazur.   Occupancy rates are 85% this month.  Jessie has been doing a good job moving people in to KT and FHT.  We have had major issues with the sewer at building 3 at building 7.  We have had to rehouse displaced families.  Building 3 is just about done now.  Last year it was the same thing was building 7.  It’s a constant battle.  …

There were 56 checks that went out last month 193,530.  94 Delinquency accounts and delinquency rating of 38% and $133432 in delinquent rents owed…..

One of the concerns from the last meeting was telephone call responses, we have hired a temporary receptionist that is training.   We are trying to add some staff, Same for maintenance, we have tow postings on Indeed, we are looking to start interviews as soon as possible.  …

Waiting on a proposal from Securitas regarding nighttime security.  The hours have not yet been determined.  The thing we ask from the tenants is that if you see someone that does not belong, please report it to us.  We hope to soon have a security presence.  There will be more details to come….

The painting contract for Spring 2023 has been received.   We discussed this several months ago.  We had been waiting on the contract.   We are going to do the sidewalks at DG, resurface FHT and sealcoat KT. ….

Doorhandles, keypads and key fobs:  We are trying to ascertain the best option.  No matter which way we go, people need to stop letting unauthorized people in the buildings.  The first proposal came in over $200,000…..

Commission Anadio opened the floor for Old Business and asked if there was any update on the CSEA contracts.  Attorney Casale stated that he spoke with Attorney Goldberger and that he believed that there was recent activity but was unaware of the specifics. …..

Anadio asked if any options were considered other than a key fob.  Mazur stated that they were looking into a four digit code and also is looking into a hotel style carding system.  GHA  needs to look at all of the different options.  Key fobs are probably least desirable option due to the costs for replacing fobs.  The benefits of the key card option is that if a card goes missing, then all cards can be deactivated and changed.  Commissions Hawkins added that this will also help track who is using the cards . ….

Anadio opened the floor for committee meeting reports, with there being, none , the board proceeded with the agenda.

Anadio opened the floor for new business.  Attorney Casale stated that the board does not need to act tonight, but there has been a resignation from Chairperson Poling and that a new Chairperson needs to appointed and further added that in the event that a new vacancy is created in the appointment of a new Chairperson through the appointment of either Vice Chairperson Anadio or Secretary Hawkins, then the officer appointment vacated by either would also need to be filled.   A motion was made by Commissioner Peters nominating Ellen Anadio as the new Chairperson, said motion was seconded by Commissioner Hawkins.  Attorney Casale if there were any other nominations and with there being none, a vote was taken on the nomination, and said vote was approved by a vote of 4-0 in the affirmative, Anadio did not vote.

A motion was made by Commissioner  Anadio nominating Gail Peters to be the Vice Chairperson.  Said motion was seconded by Commissioner Courtney.  Attorney Casale confirmed that that there were no other nominations.  The motion was approved 4-0 in the affirmative.  Peters did not vote.  ……

Attorney Casale stated that all three officers seats had been filled and two board seats need to be filled.  Mazur stated that he was meeting with an interested person later in the week

Anadio presented  Resolution  846 regarding monthly vendor invoices and read said resolution into the record as follows:

“Whereas the Gloversville Housing Authority’s Finance Committee has reviewed the monthly vendor invoices for payment of the financial obligations of the Gloversville Housing Authority for the month of January 2023 and finds all payments on the attached list to be in order.  Now therefore be it resolved, the Board of Commissioners of the Gloversville Housing Authority has reviewed the monthly vendor invoices for payment as set forth on the attached list.”

Anadio asked for a motion adopting Resolution 846 and said motion was made by Commissioner Anadio and seconded by Commissioner Peters.  There was no additional discussion and Resolution 846 was approved by a vote of 5-0 in the affirmative.

Anadio asked for a motion approving the minutes from the January 2023 monthly meeting minutes .  Said motion was made by Commissioner Peters and seconded Commissioner Robinson.  There was no additional discussion and the motion was passed by a vote of 5-0 in the affirmative.

Attorney Casale requested the floor to clear up the issue regarding a motion to rotate the location of the monthly meetings for the duration of 2023.  For the duration of 2023, the location of the monthly meeting to be rotated between KT in March, FHT in April, DG in May and continuing to rotate in said order for the duration of 2023.  Said motion was made by Commissioner Peters and seconded by Commissioner Hawkins.  There was no additional discussion.  The motion was passed by a vote of 5-0 in the affirmative.

Commissioner Anadio asked whether there were any requests for Executive Session and Attorney Casale indicated that there was not.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Commissioner Peters and seconded by Commissioner Hawkins, with said motion having carried by a vote of 5-0 in the affirmative.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:24 p.m.

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