August 8, 2022 Board Meeting - Gloversville Housing Authority
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August 8, 2022 Board Meeting

Board Meeting
Aug 20 2022

August 8, 2022 Board Meeting

The Gloversville Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners met at its monthly meeting that was held at the Gloversville Housing Authority, 141 West Street on August 8, 2022 at 6:00p.m.

Board Members Present:

  • Brenda Leitt, Commissioner – Chairperson
  • John Poling, Commissioner
  • Lashawn Hawkins, Commissioner
  • Ellen Anadio, Commissioner
  • Frank Ward, Resident Commissioner
  • Sherry Courtney, Resident Commissioner

Others Present:

  • Anthony Casale, Authority Legal Counsel
  • Jason Mazur – Executive Director

Commissioner Poling inquired about having an Organizational meeting and making board appointments in light of the recent turnaround in members serving on the board.

Attorney Casale indicated that there a number of organizational issue that GHA will need to address and that one of the considerations that the board members should be thinking about between now and the September meeting is the appointment of a new Chairperson in light of the forthcoming effective date of Chairperson Leitt’s resignation.

It is something that does not need to be done tonight but it will need to be done at the next meeting. ….

Poling stated that we also have the presentation of the budget.  Director Mazur indicated that Todd Mercer is working on it now and Commissioner Leitt stated that she is aware that Todd and Jason and working on it.  Commissioner Poling asked to confirm this to be on the September agenda and Mazur indicated that he was correct.

Commissioner Courtney inquired as to when her time to speak was and Chaiperson Leitt gave her the floor to speak.

Maintenance has a problem with the black truck and it needs to be replaced.  And there is also a problem with Joe’s truck because it has no GPS.  It appears that Joe is never here and his tuck has been spotted in places where it should not be and people have pictures of it.  The plow has sat there for two years.  Director Mazur indicated that two weeks ago, two of three trucks updated GPS and we have a new system.  The old one was outdated.  It is now Verizon Fleetmatics.

Commissioner Courtney indicated that maintenance should not have access to the keys.  Commissioner Ward stated that if you are looking to get a new truck, get with Frank on that.  Mazur stated that we are currently looking at a dump truck.  Courtney stated that somehow the other truck got all fancied out.  Mazur stated that the truck she was referring to was purchased at auction and that the dump truck being considered will be beneficial.

Courtney stated that we are paying contractors to do jobs that you could do yourselves if you had a truck.  Courtney stated that the present truck is all rusted and is a mess and that Joe needs to have a GPS in his truck.  Mazur stated that this needs to be done for insurance reasons as well.

Courtney stated that the lockout person Richard has a note on his door that says ‘do not disturb’ and that he cannot be a Lockout is he is going to have this sign. Mazur stated that he was of the understanding that George was the Lockout and Courtney stated no, there are actually two Lockouts…. Commissioner Poling stated that the board needs to move along and that the comments are getting too personal here and Courtney stated that Rich cannot be a Lockout if he is going to have this sign on his door

Attorney Casale stated that he wanted to try to refocus the board to the business of GHA board and the meeting agenda. Commissioner Courtney inquired to confirm that the board meeting was also for the board to receive tenant complaints. Attorney Casale stated that this is not correct and that this is not a tenant relations meeting and that we have discussed this at a recent prior meeting. Attorney Casale reminded the board members that they are encouraged in interact with the front office in between the monthly meetings to address these types of issues. Attorney Casale stated that he agreed with the Commissioner Poling’s comments that the statements by Commissioner Courtney were not appropriate and that it is hoped that the newer members understand this and that everyone is trying to be respectful to assure that their voices are heard but that this is not business of the board.

The Executive Director’s report was provided by Jason Mazur. We recently filled the open maintenance position. Corbin started this past Monday and he is doing good. He has experience doing drywalling and electrical work. One of our hang-ups is to find time for things like lawncare maintenance while also readying units and soon enough JR will be retiring….

We two recent inspections, Kingsboro and Dubois. We finished the HUD-generated work orders. There are things we want to do prior to winter such as replacing the awning. …. The point is well taken regarding the black truck. …

As far a groundskeeping goes, we are trying to keep up with recent storms causing tree damage on the fence line and we also continuing to move forward with the paving project and we are hoping that surveys will completed prior to winter. We also had a pump station survey to help with the sewer rebuild that will occur hopefully by next spring as these repeated problems are costing GHA significant money. The location of the infrastructure in the lowlands renders the infrastructure to be not holding up ….

Regarding vacancies, we have to community service servants working for us through St. Mary’s. They come to work doing what we ask them to do and it has been a huge help. Including those two individuals, we now have 8 people and we used to have 5. …

Commissioner Poling asked about the waiting list.  Mazur stated that for Dubois Gardens, the waiting list is over 100 people.  There are presently four vacancies that we are readying now.

Regarding the towers, the struggle is find people interested in efficiency apartments.  When people see the one-bedroom units and compare it with efficiency, it ends up that they do not want the efficiency apartments.  Commissioner Courtney indicated that some people make them look very nice and Mazur agreed.

Poling indicated that he is concerned about the turnover rate and that he is understanding is that the biggest issue regarding vacancies is not with maintenance but interest in the efficiency apartments .  Mazur stated that at Kingsboro, there is only one two-bedroom at Kingsboro and it has been occupied for a very long time and there is also at Dubois Gardens several tenants that we have had to bring to court and Covid-19 has had a huge impact.

Mazur added that GHA always has to give medical priority to current tenants.   And even though we are not a medical assisted facility, we do endure frequently dealing with vacancies that arise as a result of death of the tenant and that Covid has impacted this dynamic as well.

Ward. There was no additional discussion and said minutes were approved by a vote of 6-0 in the affirmative.

Chairperson Leitt asked whether there were any requests for Executive Session and Attorney Casale indicated that there was not

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Commissioner Poling seconded by Commissioner Anadio, with said motion having carried by a vote of 6-0 in the affirmative. The meeting was adjourned at 6:32p.m.

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