Gloversville Housing Authority | March Tower Talk
“The Housing Authority shall at all times develop and operate each development solely for the purpose of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing for eligible families in a manner that promotes serviceability, economy, efficiency, and stability for the developments, and the economic and social well-being of the residents.”
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March Tower Talk


On Thursday, March 22, 2018, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Heather Reynolds, our new Executive Director, Joe Battaglia, Maintenance Supervisor, and Linda Lizio, Tenant Relations Assistant, will be meeting in the Community Room at Kingsboro Towers for anyone that would like to attend for a Meet and Greet. This will give Heather, Joe, and Linda an opportunity to introduce themselves to the tenants that don’t know them and will possibly answer some questions we may have.


    Notes from meeting on March 5th:

The meeting was called to order, the secretaries and the treasurer reports were presented and accepted by those in attendance.

The treasurer reported that, from our recent Rummage Sale, we made a profit of $239.95. There were no expenses involved and we would like to thank all th volunteers who helped with the set up and teardown of the sale, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Also, a special Big Thank You to the families of John Winn, Harold Kavanaugh, and Ingrid Casterlin for all of their generosity in helping make our Rummage Sale so successful. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Also to be noted, all the food and snacks was paid for by the officers of the Tenants Association for the Elvis Concert. Thank you to all of our Tenants Association Officers, your kindness is really greatly appreciated and for making the evening truly enjoyable and entertaining.

Tenants are reminded about the pet policy, specifically regarding taking your dog outside. The Gloversville Housing Authority has a regulation that you must pick up after your pet and place it in the garbage can on the east side of the building next to the maintenance entrances to the building. The city of Gloversville also has a similar law regarding picking up after your dog.

There is now a sharps container in the maintenace room for disposal of used needles. If you have any concerns regarding using this container, contact Linda Lizio, Tenant Relations, at the main office.

A very big Thank You to Paula Manzer and Cindy Vaughn for volunteering to help out with the Sunshine Duties. This job has some big shoes to be filled after the passing of John Winn.

We would also like to say Thank You to our great maintenance staff for all the hard work they have done during our current winter.

Thank You to all of the volunteers that make the morning coffee hours possible. Stop in and enjoy a cup of joe and some conversation.


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