Gloversville Housing Authority | April Tower Talk
“The Housing Authority shall at all times develop and operate each development solely for the purpose of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing for eligible families in a manner that promotes serviceability, economy, efficiency, and stability for the developments, and the economic and social well-being of the residents.”
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April Tower Talk

April Tenants Association Meeting News

We had a visit from the Gloversville Fire Fighters Association. They indicated that the mayor wants to reduce the number of people in the firehouse from 7
to 4 people on duty, with the rest of the positions to be made up by volunteers ( the firefighters had agreed to 5). They also indicated that if the tenants
wanted to start a petition to help them, it would be greatly appreciated and would also help to insure public safety .

Reports were given by the secretary, treasurer and sunshine and were accepted by the members. Joyce volunteered to go and pick up Donna Filkin so
she could come to visit us.

Herb Buyce is now home. Emma Ficili is in the Wells House and Frances Keane is in the infirmary for
rehab and they would appreciate cards and visits. It was discussed to have tenants write a short article
to be published in Tower Talk about interesting things their relatives are involved in (give it to either John or
It was approved to spend an extra $15 to have a one page double sided insert into Tower Talk when we
have sufficient articles to be published. Good luck to Janet Luck on her retirement. Our Spring Rummage Sale is scheduled for May 20th in conjunction with the city wide rummage sale on the same date. Sign up sheets were distributed for to ask for volunteers to assist at the rummage sale.

Bernie Manzer had no updates regarding the anticipated changes to the laundry room.
Gloversville Housing Authority will purchase a large chest for storing frozen food for use for mass
distribution. Any remaining food will be donated to the fire department.

The shopping carts issue was addressed and it was decided to contact Price Chopper and Hannaford to
pick up their carts and also to ask them if they would be willing to donate a cart for the tenants use.
It was decided that we would no longer have our meeting notes published in the Leader-Herald.

Please be a little bit considerate to our resident’s aids since they have limited time to do their clients

It was discussed about the possibility of purchasing a flat screen TV for the community room.
Further details coming next month.

Movie Night for April will be on 28th at 5:00pm. Refreshments will be provided free. The title of the movie will be “Some Like It Hot”.


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